What People are Saying

"Mr. Mack delighted my kindergarten class with his presentation of 'Hero the Robot.' The children were very excited to interact with their first robot. Mr. Mack was very patient with the little ones, and skillfully answered all of their questions, at a level they could understand. 'Hero' was the talk of the school for quite some time." - Kindergarten Teacher, Bret Harte Elementary School

"Eric brought several robots for a demonstration at our Vacation Bible School. He described what robots are and what they can do to help mankind. The children were on the edge of their seats as each robot demonstrated its capabilities. At the end of the program, most of the children rushed forward for a closer look, and a little "hands on" time. It was a great demonstration that opened the eyes of the kids to high technology. Thanks Eric!" - Rev. Ray DeLaurier, Pastor, Pine Mtn. Community Church

"As a result of your presentation, my children now want to learn more math so that they can build a robot of their own."

"Your enthusiam was matched only by the excitement of the children as you walked in the door with your propeller hat on!"

"I clearly remember the joyful evening we had watching Eric comfortably interact with the children at our Tyndale Family Night. He carefully explained the intricate technology involved with each robotic function at a level our children could embrace. Eric's has the keen ability to transfer his excitment and interest in robots to audiences of all ages. His exuberant oral presentation coupled with hands-on involvment of our children made our evening one we will long remember. Eric, we are grateful for your interest and research in Robots and the valuable information you shared with our family." - The Avveduto Family, Pinion Pines, CA

"I'm so happy that you came [to our school] because now I know how a computer looks from the inside." - Mairag, Walt Disney Elementary School, Burbank, CA

"I liked your presentation because it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be." - Mark Lable,
Walt Disney Elementary School, Burbank, CA

"I learned that your job is fun because you can make your own video games and programs." - Hans Burnett, Walt Disney Elementary School, Burbank, CA

"I learned that your job is cool. The computers just follow instructions. The computers keep many messages." - Jose Tyeda, Walt Disney Elementary School, Burbank, CA

"Thank you for talking to my group. I would like to be like you. I Iike to work on the computers." - Veronica Robles, Walt Disney Elementary School, Burbank, CA